Check In With Yourself!

Checking in with yourself is one of your best defenses in maintaining your mental health in both your personal and professional life.  Self-care starts with knowing whats going on inside of you. However, this practice is not immediately intuitive. 


Consider saving one of the below images as a screensaver or wallpaper on your desktop or laptop to remind yourself to – Check In!


For Mac: Control + Save Image As

For PC: Right Click + Save Image 

Here’s How to Check-In with Yourself!

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Setting Expectations

Mental Illness vs. Performance

Setting clear expectations is an important part of creating a work environment that supports employee wellbeing. Clear expectations eliminate ambiguity, require less cognitive energy and minimizes stress for the employee and the manager. 

In the workspace mental distress is often confused as “just” being about performance. While performance is undoubtedly impacted an employee experiencing distress needs support, not a performance improvement plan. Start there first, then you can address the performance issues. 

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