Welcome! Whether you’re here because you’re curious to know more about Wellbeing Works, LLC or are contemplating working with us on an upcoming project, we’re glad you stopped by.

Wellbeing Works is a boutique Wellbeing Consulting Firm based in the DC Metropolitan area. Our speciality is helping small to midsize businesses build workplace cultures that support employee wellbeing. We bring together the best interdisciplinary knowledge in the areas of Social Psychology, Mental Health Expertise, Human Resources and Research Methodology.

At Wellbeing Works we believe that promoting, fostering and being attentive to wellbeing really does work, if we make it a priority. It works for both our personal and professional lives and endeavors.

Wellbeing Works, LLC was founded in 2018 by Shanna B. Tiayon, PhD. Shanna is a Social Psychologist and Senior Human Resources professional with over 16 years experience in Human Resources. Shanna has extensive knowledge gained from working for multinational companies: providing consultative Human Resources services, corporate training and coaching managers. She speaks nationally on the topic of wellbeing and has also published in both academic and lay outlets on various wellbeing topics.

Wellbeing Works core service areas include participatory corporate research and a suite of wellbeing training products. Our differentiator in the marketplace is our interdisciplinary knowledge, customization and time-efficient trainings for busy professionals.