Participatory Corporate Research

Wellbeing Works focuses on the people side of corporate/organizational research. By employing a participatory research approach we aim to provide organizations with rigorous data to answer their most pressing people questions. With the right data organizations can make key decisions that maximizes impact for their employees and clients. 

Bringing to bear PhD level skillsets in quantitative and qualitative research methods, corporate research experience and social psychological knowledge about human behavior, we treat your organizational research like a rigorous academic research project, held to the same standards for producing quality data. 

Key areas of focus include but are not limited to corporate/organizational: engagement surveys, strategic planning research, culture surveys, employee pulse checks, organizational design research, etc. We design the research based on your needs and within our areas of expertise!

Employee Wellbeing Trainings

Wellbeing Works offers a variety of employee wellbeing training products aimed at: shifting workplace culture around mental health and equipping employees and managers with key skills to recognize and manage stress and distress in the workplace.

Below is information about Wellbeing Works comprehensive corporate employee wellbeing training program. In-person and virtual training options and training customizations available. 

Wellbeing Before Work

Mental Health in the Workplace

Managing for Wellbeing

Understanding Employee Mental Health Now (Lunch and Learn)

Mental Health First Aid (Training Certification)


Personal Coaching

What would you do if you believed in your own worthiness?

What would you dare for if you truly believed in your innate magnificence? 

Wellbeing Works Coaching arm focuses on providing high quality coaching services to mid-senior level professional women looking to achieve key personal or professional goals and create more synergy in their lives.

-Implement realistic strategies that align with your life to help you achieve key goals

-Learn tools rooted in eastern thought and science to support goal achievement

Workshops and Retreats

Interested in bringing Wellbeing Works’ knowledge and expertise to your community organization or group?

Consider booking us for a workshop or retreat. Highly skilled in facilitation and the customization of content to meet audience needs, Wellbeing Works offers a great value add to any program.

-Learn strategies to increase your personal and professional synergy

-Understand how your wellbeing is directly connected to goal achievement

-Learn strategies to gain, reclaim or maintain your wellbeing as you strive to reach your goals