Mental Health In the Workplace – Wellbeing Works, LLC Mental Health In the Workplace – Wellbeing Works, LLC
Fostering Productive and Engaged Employees
Mental Health First Aid Training Certification

What Are The Benefits of The Training?

Promote Productivity and Engagement
Employee productivity and engagement begins with their mental health. This training helps to create a corporate culture that fosters positive employee mental health by reducing stigma and equipping managers and HR professionals to recognize and respond to the signs of distress. 
Respond to Crises
Most managers and HR professionals are not equipped to manage mental health in the workplace. The training gives managers and HR professionals the skills to recognize and respond to signs of mental health distress and coach employees to receive appropriate help. 
Be Known as a Choice Place to Work
Join the ranks of several notable organizations who have rolled out mental health training for their employees. Corporations that invest in employee wellbeing initiatives like this one, demonstrate to their employees and prospective employees that they are a people centered organization. 
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